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  TannerWorld.com highlights the online portfolio of Steve Tanner. I'm a Chicago-based specialist focused on copywriting, promotional strategy, and online community management. Working together with innovative designers and Web development experts, I can help your organization exceed their communications objectives. Sound interesting? Drop me a line and let's start talking.  

I offer three distinctive areas of expertise that compliment other professional services you may use on your project.

My writing background is supported by a B.S. in Mass Communication from Taylor University (Upland, IN), with an emphasis in journalism, broadcasting, and electronic media. Over the past six years, I've applied this valuable knowledge into practical results for my clients, being routinely called upon to create advertising copy, instructional materials, brochure text, staff biographies, and Web content.

These creative skills are balanced through my additional certification in Systems Analysis, focusing on efficient project management, strategic planning, and user-centric design. Also, I've spent the past eight years working in both direct marketing and online promotion. By combining this technical expertise with extensive marketing experience, I'm able to deliver resourceful strategy that you can use for your organization.

Furthermore, I have six years experience working with online communities, including tenure with a firm that specialized in the outsourced management and growth of these Web destinations. While anyone can try to create a community on the Web, it takes experience, proven techniques, and interpersonal understanding to make this type of interaction successful. My track record will help bring the results you desire.

As a provider of niche services, I often work with graphic designers and web development teams to complete projects. Depending on the needs of your situation, I can tap into your existing staff or bring other supporting partners onto a project.

By providing services on a freelance basis, I can react quickly to your needs and start providing results right away. You can expect me to offer unique ideas and communications concepts that will meet your objectives on time and within budget. Contact me today to discuss how I can be of assistance to your organization!

Do I charge a flat fee or by the hour? It depends on the project. Clients often prefer to pay for my expertise rather than my actual time spent on a project, thus a flat fee works for these situations. On the other hand, some projects require hourly billing, and for those we can discuss rates after evaluating the scope and timeframe of your requirements.

Don't see an answer to your question here? Well then, you'd better write me soon, before you forget it!