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Writing / Strategy

The call to outdoor adventure prompted the creation of TrailResources.com, a comprehensive source for recreational biking, hiking, and outdoor products. Initially launched as an online business that featured trail maps for cycling, the scope expanded to include other outdoor activities.

Focus on effective marketing copy

Vendor Selection
This client requested help in finding an e-commerce platform that fit their website launch budget. After various options were presented, a turnkey solution was found through the use of Yahoo! Stores.

Friendly Content
Working within layout guidelines established by a graphics designer, I crafted site copy to reflect the personalized business approach that the founders wanted to portray

Strategic Planning
TrailResources.com also needed assistance in marketing their venture, thus I contributed the tagline "Your guide to outdoor adventure" to be used in various media promotions. In addition, strategy was provided for both website launch as well as general site usability. Other content created for this project included search engine descriptions, meta tag data, and the initial population of all customer-facing pages.