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By providing tools to assist medical patients in the management of chronic diseases, the emphasis of CorSolutions on preventive maintenance helped improve the lives of thousands of people, while keeping medical expenditures under control.

Member-only portal management
Bi-weekly news and updates
Timely e-mail communications

Online Learning
When a person was diagnosed with a chronic condition, such as heart failure, asthma, diabetes, or coronary artery disease, qualifying insurance providers would enroll the patient in various CorSolutions programs to help them live with the condition. Part of the curriculum involved nurses talking with a patient over the phone, sharing educational information and answering questions over a scheduled time period. Additional help was offered to the user through an online learning tool.

Private Community Moderation
eCorSolutions.com created a repository of frequently asked questions, while providing interactive forums for patients to share experiences with others in similar circumstances. Physicians and registered nurses provided answers to questions in this private community as well. I was contracted to moderate and grow these online forums, while at the same time offer a feedback mechanism for the marketing staff of CorSolutions in regards to their services.

Engaging Participation
To build the interactive section of the website, I created contests and events that prompted patients to share their situational knowledge. At the same time, I established competitions among the CorSolutions nursing call centers to engage their participation in these online discussions. These efforts helped provide prompt, authoritative responses to patients' questions, which in turn, improved overall retention for those enrolled in preventative medical programs.

Newsletter Composition
I was also entrusted with writing a weekly e-mail newsletter that incorporated content from various medical sources as well as patient interactions from the eCorSolutions.com community. Questions from patients about their conditions, recommendations by the nursing staff, or healthy living resources such as recipes were often included. The newsletters also capitalized on calendar events such as National Heart Disease Month or healthy holiday eating. This timeliness created relevance and greatly enhanced website traffic upon mailing.

User Experience Improvments
Finally, I was asked to provide recommendations for user experience improvements over the entire website. This involved an analysis of navigation, organization of information, and overall look-and-feel. These strategic observations were used to refine the website design.