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Writing / Community

Launched as a marketplace for the metalworking industry, MachineTools.com integrated an online directory of industrial products with content and interactive elements. The largest challenge in this task was bringing together buyers and sellers into an environment that was cost-effective for all parties.

Catering to specialized marketplace
Current event-oriented conversation
Weekly product-focused e-mail digests

Newsletter Authoring
The client contracted me to author four unique e-mail newsletters sent out weekly to more than 5,000 subscribers over a one year period. Each newsletter contained original content, as well as news from industry sources and discussion excerpts from MachineTools.com's message boards. This communications vehicle prompted clickthroughs to the website's commerce and community-driven sections, attracting 100,000 monthly visitors on average.

Growth of Online Discussions
I was also tasked with growing and moderating the online community that populated the message boards on MachineTools.com. This involved facilitating discussions around industry issues and prompting follow-up from the participants. On behalf of the client, I also attended industry trade shows to recruit experts to join the community and answer questions. Upon the launch of this successful community, competing websites introduced similar elements to their offerings.