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Strategy / Community

The non-profit organization behind Kidology.org, a Web resource for adults who work with kids in a religious environment, wanted to expand and upgrade their Internet operations. Working with a Web development firm, I coordinated a complete rebuild of the website, including an overhaul of their infrastructure and design.

Tiered member content access
In-depth fostering of conversation
High response rate newsletter copy

Project Coordination
Throughout the project I served as the primary liaison between Kidology.org's Chief Creative Officer and the programming staff, interpreting questions, issues, and problems to each party. Having personal expertise in both church ministry and Internet development, I was able to facilitate open communication quite easily.

Membership Growth Strategies
As a membership-driven website, Kidology.org desired to increase premium membership sales. With this in mind, I provided consultation regarding various upsell opportunities. Previously, the client had created different portals of information for each of their membership levels. However, this did not provide members with a glimpse of what they were missing by not upgrading to the next level.

Therefore, I recommended bringing all site content together, with each item classified for access by specific membership level. Using this revised strategy, a user that clicked on a content item disallowed by their current membership access was presented with a marketing message encouraging them to upgrade, along with a teaser of the content they wanted to access. This tiered approach resulted in a high conversion rate to the most profitable membership levels.

Focused Marketing
Seeking other ways to improve membership upgrades, I worked with the client to redesign their e-mail newsletter communications. Possessing a mailing list of both Kidology and non-Kidology members, I helped the client shift their editorial focus to emphasize content that could only be accessed by more-lucrative subscription plans.

Building A People Network
Additionally, I was tasked with introducing discussion forums on Kidology.org. Again, this enhancement was marketed as a membership upsell opportunity. Typically, a community environment has a high number of lurkers, defined as users who read discussions but do not participate in conversation, typically because they choose not to register. By integrating the forum login process with the overall website login, the Kidology.org forums were pre-populated with over 1,000 registered users upon launch.

This improvement resulted in above normal participation rates. Thus, the Kidology.org discussion forums supported a faster return on investment than traditionally seen in other online communities. Simply put, once the technical roadblocks were removed from community participation, members were more prone to obtain information from each other via online discussion instead of solely relying on static website content.

Expandable Infrastructure
I advised the client to implement a framework that allowed for dynamic elements and affordable expansion through the use of Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) technology. Given Kidology's involvement in the continually changing realm of child evangelism, this improvement was enthusiastically embraced by their leadership team.