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Desiring to reach campers, alumni, and supporters through the Internet, Phantom Ranch Bible Camp put plans in motion to introduce a Web presence for their church-owned camping and retreat facility. I consulted with the Wisconsin-based non-profit organization regarding the structure and organization of this project. In addition, I authored original content and formed a portal for interaction among the many website visitors.

Detailed descriptions of programs
Weekly reporting and newswriting
Timely e-mail updates
Marketing copy for printed brochure
Headline and banner text
Content management and strategy

Content Creation
My primary focus was the creation of over 500 pages of site content to provide information about the camp's year-round facilities and programs. One staple of the client's Internet destination included weekly news updates, which I was contracted to compose over a three-year period. These helped camp enthusiasts stay informed regarding events, needs, and support requests. To drive weekly traffic to the website, an e-mail newsletter was produced and mailed to a large subscriber base. I managed a team of eight staff members to maintain these content items.

Governmental Compliance
In order to comply with federal law revisions, I implemented a new privacy policy, terms of service, and other safety precautions to protect the personal information of those using PhantomRanch.org. Special attention was given to shield children from online predators in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA).

Volunteer Recruitment
With the client's tendency to draw volunteer staff solely from the Midwest, I produced online recruiting materials that attracted volunteers from other regions, including the East Coast and the Rockies. Through this initiative, the client's short-term staffing expenditures were reduced by 50 percent thanks to the decreased need for recruiting travel.

Web-based Conversation
Interactive elements were implemented with the addition of The Campfire Discussion Forums, an asynchronous collection of message boards that allowed campers to communicate with each other after their Phantom Ranch experience had concluded. I also moderated live chat events with session speakers, providing the client with an unparalleled avenue for follow-up and feedback.

Promotional Print Material
Extending my promotional services to the print medium, the client requested my help in producing the organization's first full-color summer camp brochure to reflect the design and writing style used on their website. Working with their design team, I authored original copy that integrated references to PhantomRanch.org. Parents and supporters positively received the unified style of these publications.

Developmental Strategy
Additionally, I managed a yearly developmental calendar that coordinated upgrades and enhancements for the website. I also explored third-party software and hardware solutions for the client, making recommendations accordingly.