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Writing / Strategy

Possessing years of experience in the water sports recreation industry, WaterGeek.com wanted to leverage their exclusive distribution partnerships into an online destination for purchasing inflatable aquatic products. In addition to providing goods, services, and advice, this marketplace offers free shipping and unparalleled customer service.

Site branding and voice
Lively descriptions of products
Copy for Lifestyle magazine ad

Detailed Product Descriptions
The company approached me via their web design firm to create product descriptions for their online inventory. Having previously displayed only photographs of their product line, WaterGeek.com now required detailed descriptions for each item. Emphasis was placed on vividly describing water sports activity, painting a picture in the customer's mind regarding the advantages of owning sports toys. Product specifications and requirements were also included in each product description.

Marketing Focus
Working with the web design staff, text was crafted to fit specific page dimensions, including teasers and search engine results. The scope of this project also included writing informational and marketing-driven pages throughout the site, along with crafting promotional taglines, guidelines for e-mail communications, and magazine ad copy.

Optimal User Experience
The client also required assistance on organizing information for optimal user experience. This strategy work was extended into creating a focus for WaterGeek.com's frequent e-mail newsletters, with an emphasis placed on content selection and format.