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Mapping out a vast array of land surveying resources was the goal of SurveyorCentral.com, a portal that combined industry information, product sales, and discussion about career issues. Owned by a large topographic software firm, this ambitious website intended to cover all aspects of the land surveying industry via a single online destination.

Recognition of customer base
Interaction with industry experts

Forming Connections
SurveyorCentral.com contracted me for one year to implement and moderate the online community that populated their discussion forums. Given the subject matter, this was especially challenging as surveyors spent most of their time outdoors, away from Internet-connected technology.

Answers With Authority
Working with the client, I implemented various marketing initiatives to offer rewards for participation on the website. To provide authoritative answers to user questions, I recruited industry experts to handle a wide range of topics, including surveying trends, technical issues, training programs, and the latest products.

Improving The Experience
Finally, I worked with the staff of SurveyorCentral.com to improve overall user interface and experience issues. The success of these practices improved website traffic and increased transaction rate.