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As the leader in IT testing and performance products, Mercury Interactive maintained a large support network for their clientele. These mechanisms included an online discussion area and knowledge base for customers to ask questions and contribute their solutions.

Facilitation of do-it-yourself support

Expanding User Interactions
To create a stronger customer support system at MercuryInteractive.com, my role was to expand user-to-user interactions. I performed outreach that encouraged new users to submit questions for the forums, while also researched solutions for unanswered forum posts using the knowledge base and other sources.

Knowledge Recognition
In addition, all marketing and developmental feedback was gathered from the community and frequently forwarded to the client's engineering staff. Active contributors were recognized via a "Solution of the Week" program that helped build site content and encouraged future interactions. User interface enhancements were also recommended and implemented.

Contained Support Costs
Through these active community management principles, the client contained support costs through self-service, gained stronger customer loyalty, and experienced a higher level of customer satisfaction. The MercuryInteractive.com support community grew to over 32,000 registered members, with traffic of approximately 8,000 users per month.