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Writing / Strategy

Offering a niche product line of recreational, trampoline-based sports products, Joomp.com targets affluent customers, including fitness centers, deluxe resorts, and trade shows.

Creative branding and messaging
Detailed product copy


Identity Creation
The identity for Joomp.com was derived from the merger of the words "Jump" and "Hoop," highlighting energetic product attributes. Through the use of this unique brand name, the client was able to separate their messaging from other companies with similar offerings.

Brand Positioning
Joomp.com's parent company, WG Sales LLC, had previously launched another online business, WaterGeek.com. Capitalizing on the established promotion and search engine indexing of this preexisting brand, I worked with a web design firm to position Joomp.com as "A WaterGeek.com Company." Given the premium appeal of both the featured Aeroball and Jumpshot products, the website emphasized information instead of online transactions. In-depth marketing copy was written for each product, in addition to explanations of the rules and game play elements for these sports systems.

Vivid Copywriting
Emphasis was placed on conveying a thrilling and extreme sports experience, as well as drawing attention to the health and financial benefits of owning these exclusive products. Informational pages were also crafted, including collaboration on a site Privacy Policy.

To more accurately describe the products offered by Joomp.com, I personally tested an Aeroball unit in a real-world environment. Using this experience, targeted case studies were created for potential commercial customers outlining how these trampoline-based games could add profits to existing business models.