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SAP AG, a German software firm, produces applications that integrate functions such as distribution, accounting, and human resources into a single product. With their products used by over 20,000 organizations, the company launched an enhanced Web-based platform called mySAP.com.

High-profile live event support

Online Conferencing
To help promote the use of mySAP.com software, each year the company hosts a global conference called Sapphire. The client requested my services in moderating selected chats during this conference, with guest experts located in North America and Europe simultaneously. Users of the software were invited to participate with their specific questions about functionality and technical challenges.

Global Chat Experience
Since these live events were held during European business hours, facilitation from the United States was handled during pre-dawn time periods. Once a chat had concluded, an edited transcript was created and posted for archival purposes. The popularity of these online events helped reduce SAP's marketing costs and provided members with a convenient conference experience.